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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

New Years Eve Surprise

You know the old saying "You never know what's around the corner"? Well, I had no idea what was in store for me as I boarded a JetBlue plane, joyfully looking forward to a long awaited visit with my three grown children and grandchildren.

Someone on board that flight must of been flying feeling desperately ill, spreading the germs throughout the pressurized cabin....I didn't feel invaded but boy was I.

Within two days I was totally sick and fool that I was thought it was just a bad cold. By New Year's Eve I was so sick that I skipped my daughter's party and went to bed early. Thank God for my youngest son, he came to check on me sometime after midnight to wish me a "Happy New Years"......poor kid, he found me not breathing, soaking wet and very blue.

Joey yelled for his sister Alisa and she and her husband came son-in-law took one look and called for an ambulance. They responded so fast Alisa said it was amazing, they got me pinked up in the ambulance and rushed me to the nearest hospital. I think that was a ride my daughter will never forget....looking back, after the fact, even though my family was so totally traumatized by what occurred - it was the best place for this to have happened to me.

I often think of that night's/day's events and if one thing, only one thing had not fallen into place...I would be gone - upwards (hopefully) knocking on Heaven's Gate. I am so very thankful for my daughter, son and son-in-law John for their very quick actions and for my life.

I truly believe that it is only when you are immersed in the throes of a life or death situation the people that sincerely love you come through. I also firmly believe in the power of prayer, I am a living example of the power of God.

When I was taken into the ER I coded five times. After the fourth time, the doctor came out to my daughter and told her that I was passing - she pleaded with him try one more time...on the fifth try....something brought me back to this earthly plane. The doctors were amazed that I stabilized, of course, I had a breathing tube and more IV's than anyone would want to count. I was unconscious for almost a full week.

At that time I had no way of knowing what was happening around me. My husband Joe, with the help of my sister Barbara and niece Laura, found a quick flight out of Tampa to Long Island, Alisa's friend Coleen drove out to meet him and bring him to the hospital in Queens. Poor guy, he was so upset that when he closed his suitcase he put his jacket in it and left his neatly folded clothes right on the bed! So he arrived in -05 degree New York style weather with nothing but his jeans, boots, shirt and light jacket....and of course his black cowboy hat!

At the same time on the other coast, in Portland, Oregon my other sister Charlene and her husband Bob were boarding a direct flight to Kennedy Airport. Charlene is an RN and knew how dangerous my situation was.

My mother and father are in their late 80's and early 90's yet they did what they could, my Mom called her church and started a prayer circle for me. I know it worked.

Alisa also let my on line friends on Ebay (The Jewelry Neighborhood) know what had happened and I know that a lot of them sent prayers and cards...a really very caring group.

I know that Alisa, Joey, John and my Joe kept a vigil at my bedside and then they were joined by Charlene, Bob and my other son Kenji. Alisa's two best friends from grade school, Mary and Colleen stayed with her to give her some moral comfort and support...two little girls that used to play dolls in my house grown into such loving women.

The doctors warned everyone that I might not be "myself" when I woke up, they were not sure how long I had been deprived of oxygen and were concerned that my carbon dioxide levels which had been up to 90% had to come down lower too.

This is part one of my hand has a bit of nerve damage so typing is a little difficult and slow....will write more


Jeannette said...

Oh and to think we had no idea all this was going on, you would have had lots of prayers from here also. Praise the Lord that you made it through.

Astaryth said...

Oh MY! How scary! Glad you are feeling better. I just figured you were busy with 'real' life. Often I go months without the time to post, and so don't think anything if others do so. Hope your recovery is going well. Keep us posted.

Dawn said...

OMG!!! Sandi!!! Thank heavens that you were in NYC and I bet you got great care and they responded quickly and you are here to even tell us what happened!!! Waiting to hear more... take your time...

be well

Joann said...

Glad that you are ok!!