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Friday, October 31, 2008

Almost There

Well, it's been a long run...Tuesday will show the results. I went from feeling a rush of pride that a woman was running for the Presidency to the absolute certainty that we as a nation needed to elect Obama as our next President. Why, you might ask? Well, I'll tell you.
Our nation is made up of every nationality, race and color of our world. It only makes sense that in order to break away from the stigma of racism that has constantly enveloped our country at times...that a person of color be elected. To me it seems only fair.
I've really gotten angry at some of the statements that I have seen on line, in chat rooms - extremely nasty and actually unconscionable. Now, of course, I am not voting for him just because of that. Obama is an extremely intelligent, genuinely concerned for America's future. I believe he is our best bet to revive our sagging economy, end the war in Iraq, go after Bin Laden the right way and mend our fences around the world....I can't understand why so many people get so scared of change. Anyway, my angel is helping me say a prayer for Tuesday....

A Halloween Tale....

It was a cold, miserable night, the winds were howling, pushing the trees against the roof of the little cabin in the woods. Slivers of rain poured in torrents off the sides of the roof, every lightening bolt made the occupants of the cabin jump.

The storm had knocked out all power in the area so they had to make do with candles for light. The fireplace added a glow to the room, but still there was a gloom that draped itself around the little cabin. Four people huddled together, sitting in front of a roaring fireplace, seeking warmth. They were all young very alive and bored to death.

Seth, a nice looking young man of about 20, turned to Angie, a pretty girl of about 18, asking "Ange, don't you have something we could play? Take our minds off this storm? Damn boring just to sit."

Angie smiled, turned to the other girl, asking "Sabrina..where did we put that one board game? You know, the one where you ask the board questions and it answers you?"

Sabrina started to get up. She was a real beauty with dark flowing hair, pleasant smile. "Oh, let me look, just a minute I'll find it," she said, turning on her flashlight as she exited into the next room.

The other young man in the room started to get up saying, "wait a second, I remember seeing it when we loaded in the supplies right before Josh left with the van, it's in the kitchen".

.Sabrina turned to him and said ,"Oh, Tony you notice everything how do you keep it all in your head?" Within minutes the two of them returned bantering with each other as couples tend to do. Sabrina held the game in her arms, "where do you want to play?" , she asked the group.

They pulled a small cocktail table over by the fireplace so they could see better and opened the game. They started to position the pointer shifting positions slightly so that all four would be able to lightly touch the pointer surface.

A sudden burst of lightning illuminated the whole room casting hideous shadows of imagined creatures against the walls, just at that moment the pointer zoomed to "Goodbye".

"Hey! Come on guys, don't fool around ", said Angie. Tony, Seth and Sabrina looked at one another and said in unison "No, we didn't do anything..we didn't move it really."

.Angie said, "Ok, let's start again but really concentrate this time please." This time the board seemed to have a life of it's own, it was moving easily on the different letters, first an R, followed by A J I R A P O O R.

"Hold it, hold it", Seth shouted, it's spelling out a name! Raji Rapoor, look! Sure enough it was."

"Oh", groaned Sabrina " I know that name". "A few years ago, there was a horrible murder committed in our town, they found this poor young man's body murdered and his head was missing!!"

Tony said, "yes, I remember that...they never did find his head did they?"

Sabrina shook her head no. The others looked at each other and Angie said, "Well guys the board is evidently trying to tell us something, unless one of you is doing this. Why don't we continue and see what else it will say?"

They started to play again, this time addressing the board as Raji, asking who he was, what had happened on that terrible night years ago? The answers started slowly coming off the board one letter at a time.

Seth had opted not to touch the pointer this time, but instead to write down all the letters that were flowing off the board. It started with an..I W A S M U R D E R E D B Y A R I V A L M Y W I F E A R R A N G E D I T...M Y H E A D I S I N A B L A C K B A G A T U R D O O R.. Then the pointer just stopped. Nada, Nothing, no movement.

The group breathed a deep sigh jointly. Seth said, "Yum, guys,.err, we have a problem, ummm." " Come on spell it out, what's wrong?", Angie wanted to know.

Seth handed the paper that he had been writing on to Angie, she started to read it and her face went totally white.

Sabrina grabbed the paper, saying "okay, a jokes a joke but it's not funny anymore" She looked down at the paper and it said: I was murdered by a rival, my wife arranged it, my head is in a black bag at your front door.

Tony, either out of bravery or stupidity, reached the front door first gingerly opening it - there sat a black bag. "I'm not opening that bag", Tony said"in fact, I'm out of here."

The rest of the group grabbed their coats and ran for the door. In their haste to exit the door, Sabrina tripped and fell directly on the dreaded black bag. "Oh, my God!", she yelped as she fell, .not wanting to touch what she knew was in the bag.

The rest of the group turned back to help her.. Seth reached her first, pulling her upright and away from the bag. "Oh, no, no, no", she moaned, "I touched it! "A sense of calm descended upon the group, they gathered around their friend to try to soothe her.

Angie said, "Listen, I don't know where we were running to, Josh won't be back until tomorrow with the van".

"Yeah, we have to wait, it's too far to walk, especially in the dark" said Tony. "Let's go back inside where it's warm and bright at least", said Angie.

Sabrina let herself be led back into the cabin, she felt herself being lowered into one of the overstuffed chairs, she closed her eyes and let herself drift. Sabrina drifted into an uneasy sleep. She dreamt she was on the edge of a vortex that kept spinning closer and closer bringing her to a gaping maw in the center of it. She found herself peering into the ragged opening as free floating heads came flying out of the darkness at her.

Tony motioned to the others to come into the kitchen. "I didn't want to get her anymore upset, but I noticed something funny about that bag". Angie and Seth said almost in unison .."What??"

"This is really messed up but I swear that I saw the bag move a bit!" Angie said, "Oh, no - nothing could be alive in there could it?"

"Now I'm scaring myself silly". Seth said, "well, you know what we have to do, don't you?" The other two shook their heads, no, no,no, but Seth continued, "we have to and I mean HAVE to open that bag."

"Okay, if we do it, we do it together, but first I want to get something", said Tony. He reached around Angie, opened one of the kitchen drawers and pulled out a huge butcher knife. "Now, I feel better", he said.

The threesome slowly entered the living room heading even slower for the front door stepping nearer, nearer and nearer with each passing second. Tony, again, was first at the door, he grabbed the door handle, turned it and yanked it wide open, all in one fell swoop, not giving themselves time to even think about it. Standing in front of them was a tall, gaunt figure of a man dressed in total black holding THE BAG.

Angie almost fainted with fright, Tony stepped back a bit and Seth's heavy breathing belied his steady gaze at the man in black.

"Oh, MY!!" said the stranger "I didn't mean to frighten anyone, I'm so sorry, it's just that my automobile broke down and I'm trying to find help".

Tony gathering his wits about him asked "Who are you and what's in the bag?" Now Tony was not painting a pretty picture standing there with a butcher knife poised ready to strike, but the man in black started to tell his tale.

"I'm a traveling salesman, I've covered hundreds of miles today, normally I would be pulling into a motel just about now and resting" "But, my office had received a call telling me to come out on this route that there was a customer near here that really needed our merchandise. Do you know where 7235 Wells is?"

Angie, Tony, Seth and a now awakened Sabrina looked at each other before answering, "Whew!! why that's our address, right here, said Angie". "Who asked you to come here?", asked Seth.

The man in black replied, "He said his name was Raji Rapoor".

All four gasped together at once.. "What's in the bag????", asked Sabrina.

The man in black replied, "my samples of course". .

"Samples of what???", asked Tony "Small headstones, in miniature to illustrate what the finished product will look like to my clients", said the man in black.

The four friends decided not to spend the night even if it meant they had to walk miles to get home, in fact they decided never to ever go back to the cabin in the woods....ever.

PS. Right before they left they threw the Ouija Board and Pointer into the fireplace, the dying embers caught the board quickly. If you listened hard enough you could hear a soft moaning, saying, .my head, my head...ohhhhhh

Friday, October 17, 2008

Joe The Plumber

Isn't it strange the way the news plays up someones profile - places one under a microscope for "in-depth" scrutiny. Only to find that, uh oh, look his feet are crumbing to dust...must be made of clay!

Betcha by golly (pun intended) poor Joe the Plumber is sorry that he asked anybody anything at this point. Poor guy is probably burying his head hiding under his bed for sanity at this point.

Well, Joe, first off - don't LIE to fake a point, it will always come back and bite you in the ass. I, for one, think you deserve it.

It seems our "every guy" Joe has not paid his taxes, has already voted for the side he wanted (McCain), is certainly not in a position to "buy" his company...far from it. He doesn't even have a normal, everyday Plumbers License...let alone the Master Plumbers License that you need to start a business.

Seems that McCain does not check into any one's background that closely, unless it is Obama Hmm, interesting scenario...

Picture McCain sitting across from Palin at their first meeting.
"Ok, nice to meet you..let's put all the cards on the table first of all, is there anything that could be used to embarrass you in this campaign?

Palin.."Oh my goodness to gravy, it's just sooo nice to meet you, no I think I'm pretty enough to win."

McCain..."yes, you are but that's not what I asked you...but by all means use that ploy when reporters talk to"

Palin..."Well, I might have a few skeletons in my closet, but I don't think anything really bad."

McCain.."Welcome aboard Sarah, but to play it safe we will keep you away from the reporters for a while."

Skip to now....McCain..."Let's get this straight...her 17 year old daughter is prego by a teenage boy, she did get money for the bridge to nowhere,she did try to get her ex BIL fired, she did fire the chief because of it, her own hubby is a member of a group that wants to make Alaska it's
"own" country - separating from the United States. She belongs to a church that is quite hateful with regard to any other religions. They believe they will take over the earth. Where have we heard that before?"

I wonder just how happy McCain is with his choice now?

Oh, and the debate. Only Obama really answered the questions, where was the substance in McCains responses? He only wanted to go back and attack, not go forward and tell us how we are going to resolve the mess we are in right now....

I can only say...please vote...we need a good turn out. I really pray that people will look beyond any racial preducises or cockeyed lies that have been made up....

Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday, sweet Monday

Good morning world. I am sitting here awaiting the first day of comes very late to those of us that live in warmer climes. I may have to wait another two weeks before I get that sweet, crisp, fresh scent of cold blowing in from the north.

Actually, though, I did cheat a bit...boarded a plane and headed north by northwest, flying high over our great land...viewing our magnificient landscape with heightened awe. Especially flying over the Cascades mountain range and seeing the snow capped mountains somehow made me feel so very insignificant...just the majesty of it all.

Ah...arriving in Portland, Oregon...temperatures were in the low 70's, coming from Tampa and 93 degrees...believe me it felt good.

Oh, I could be a snowbird so easily. Of course, I'd have to get rid of hubby, he can't abide cold weather any more. In fact, when the temps here go below 65 degrees he starts moaning over wanting to move further south for more heat. Hells bells not me! I just want to turn off the air conditioners, throw open the doors and windows - to know the feeling of breathing fresh air without the noise background.

I'm still planning on visiting New York for Christmas, maybe I'll get lucky and this time there will be snow. I want to throw a snow ball, build a snowman with the grandbabies...and if it snowed high enough, throw myself down and make snow angels in the At my size and weight that would be quite a picture. I can see it now...Grandma Sandi falls and she CAN'T get up!! They'll leave me there for spring

Now I have to see if I can add any pictures to this blog...bear with me while I experiment...

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Time Is Winding Down

Well, time is definitely winding down as far as the political race goes. In my mind's view...this race has been never-ending, droning on and on, stopping for little pit-falls with the media wishing for some huge blood letting event of major proportion.

I personally learned some things this past week that shocked the heck out of me. But nary a word was spoken about it - wonder why not? You don't know what I'm talking about do you? Here, let me enlighten you just a bit.

It seems that while dear Sarah has been calling Barack "a friend to terrorists" she also belongs/belonged (not forty(40) years ago either) to a group who was determined to have Alaska succeed from the union. That group has quite a few unsavory characters attached to it, quite ready to burn the American flag. Has she lost her mind completely?

I can remember as a child of the fifties, how much the country wanted Alaska and Hawaii to enter into statehood...heck, I participated in an on stage play enacting bringing the two states in. It was extremely patriotic and uplifting. I actually dressed up as Miss Hawaii complete with real hula skirt and leis...another girl wore an Eskimo outfit.

The child in me is mad. Who is this woman? As Americans we own the entire country, not just the place where you were born...ALL OF IT, FROM SEA TO SHINING SEA! Millions died in the civil war so that our country would not be ripped dare she get involved with such a cause and still think that she could be a Vice President of this country. How unpatriotic is she to be part of an extreme group like that.

How does that compare to having served on a board forty years later with someone who committed a terrible act in their youth, when you were only eight years old? How dare she try to bring Obama down when her own past is so tarnished...There is an old saying about people in glass houses....oh, so true in this case.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008 went better than expected

Well, I am quite relieved - it was relatively easy to transfer my three journals over here. So AOL did keep its word and for that I am grateful and a nice big thank to Blogger too for being so accepting of us "throw-a-ways".

I have three is called" Life Is Full Of Surprises", which I will leave as a repository for my old thoughts, stories and friends. Just didn't want to lose the stories nor the comments of people dear to me.

One is called "Poetic Journey Of The Soul" can guess that it's all about Poetry...I love writing it, some people have said they enjoyed reading it...I consider it therapy.

The last is my absolute favorite." I Just Had To Laugh" tells the stories of my younger days of being a newly wed in Tokyo Japan...I am fashioning it into a book of sorts in another venue. It was fun to write and I have to finish that story too.

The last journal is the one you are new home on Blogger deserved it's very own title...and there you have it.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Tis the Season for Foot In Mouth Disease

I don't expect to change any one's minds politically and the following is just my personal view point on the craziness going on in this particular Presidential race.

We have Sarah Palin quoting people, however, she tweaks the quotes to her own advantage. How? Let me show you...

She spoke at a rally right here in Florida, not too far from my house in Clearwater. After putting her foot in her mouth over Obama's "terrorists" ties...trying to make us journey back forty year into the past to condemn his present day actions with Ayers. Maybe it's just something with the McCain camp..they are still in the sixties and have never left that era and they don't want us to either evidently be cause they keep on taking us right back there again and again.

Right after this fiasco, Sarah misquotes Madeline Albright. Madeline had made a wonderful statement years ago about women helping women...the following is a direct quote...

Albright responded to Palin's remarks in a statement to the Huffington Post on Sunday. "Though I am flattered that Governor Palin has chosen to cite me as a source of wisdom, what I said had nothing to do with politics. This is yet another example of McCain and Palin distorting the truth, and all the more reason to remember that this campaign is not about gender, it is about which candidate has an agenda that will improve the lives of all Americans, including women. The truth is, if you care about the status of women in our society and in our troubled economy, the best choice by far is Obama-Biden."

The facts are quite plain, past history is being distorted, actually lied about in order to pull the wool over the general public's eyes. The closer we get to the actual date of the election these people are panicking. Their "swiftboating" isn't working as well as it did last can steal elections some of the time, but fortunately for us NOT all of the time!

Listen up...I don't care who you are voting for..just go out and vote. I'm hoping that we will have a turn out of our young folk that will amaze us...

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Something In The Water, Maybe?? Full Moon???

This week has been so totally whacked out, I feel like a ping pong ball bouncing back and forth aimlessly wanting to stop moving.

What has brought me to the verge of total hysteria, mental collapse and brain fog?

Hubby and I were to move into another house using a privately held mortgage agreement. These were people that we trusted, knew for seventeen years. We sat down and worked out what was best for them and safe for needed to be put into writing. Well, greed has a funny way of rearing it's dam ugly head, mostly when you don't expect it.

When the contract was drawn up and presented to us, hardly any of the terms that we are requested were in it. Including heavy repairs that needed to be done and not at our expense. So we lost a house and a friendship. They could of been honest with us from the beginning saying that they wanted to sell "as is", but then again the price would come down which they evidently didn't want either. So that was bummer number one.

I had just gotten back from a wonderful trip to Washington State, seeing my youngest son and my sister and her was great. Two days before I left young Joey got laid I'm worried for him..hope he gets work through the union soon.

Of course, AOL pulling the plug on journals is a heart breaker. Hopefully everyone will follow over here. I am so much of a non geek trying to learn anything new on this computer makes my brain hurt. Lol.

On top of this my Ebay store is so slow a snail moves faster. And Ebay is changing all it's rules, charges etc. Just enough to confuse the heck out of a seller...probably doing it to make us stop complaining about them!

I had so much to catch up on because of the vacation, now it's insane the amount of posting that I have to do on Ebay because of the I am hoping that AOL will follow through and move all our old blogs like they said they would...