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Monday, September 7, 2009

Remember 2996......9/11

Just saying that date sends shivers of painful emotion coursing through my soul. I am transported back in my mind's eye, remembering this horrific day.

Why remember? Two Thousand and Ninety-Six lives were lost, they became casualties in this war of terror...innocents lost to maniacal evil.

They need to be remembered, for someone to tell their stories, so that future generations will know the extent of their sacrifice.

Already with the passage of time, 9/11 is fading, human nature being what it is, letting our memories soften with regard to tragic events such as this.

This should not happen nor should we allow it to...if we do not honor history as the saying goes we are doomed to repeat it.

The immoral events that occurred that day should stand the test of time and remained burned into our conscious memories as though engraved there by the hand of God.

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