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Thursday, May 5, 2011


A blue day, write it in blue....Anniversaries are supposed to be happy but this one is not. Joe & I would of been married thirty=two years today, and I look back and it seems to have happened only yesterday. I can still feel the jitters as I stood at the front of the altar, holding his hand...trying to place the wedding ring on his finger as he had placed it on mine. I was shaking so much, no reason for it either...probably lack of sleep, stress and not too sure of the future.

We had good times, bad times and some times that were just that mellow fall in line everything is fine times. We didn't fight often, but when we did it was sort of a stand off...he would bellow and I would bluster...but in the end we never went to bed mad. The minister that married us told each of us that we would at times feel that we were giving 95% and the other person only was so true.

I need to write some of his stories down before I forget them, Joe was part Irish but with such a gift of gab you would think he really kissed the blarney stone....I often accused him of doing just that!

I miss him.


Jon said...

I can certainly understand how you're feeling. I hope that you will write a lot of your stories and memories down - it's an extremely beneficial part of the grieving(and healing) process. There are always many things that need to be told and shared.

Sandisan said...

thank you Jon, I plan to do that. I think life just has been very stressful this past year...need to focus on pleasant things I helps having a friend...thanks..Sandi

DB said...

I agree with Jon. All of us have stories that need to be told. This is a very touching entry.