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Monday, July 25, 2011

You Can't Go Home Again.....

I thought it might be fun to type in's kind of a melon day. Alisa & John are both back at work now after a whirlwind vacation. I know the kids loved having the two of them available to them full time...what kid wouldn't?

My grand babies have grown so much..and they are all sooo smart. Brittany has won honors in school and a scholarship to St Francis Prep, a really great school.Top that off with how beautiful she is, she is one great kid. Sabrina is an extraordinarily helpful eleven year old, you almost never have to ask her twice to help out, she's following in her Mom's footsteps learning how to cook from the master chef...and she does pretty good. I look at her and I see her Mom so much it takes me back years. The twins are a hoot....two totally different personalities yet so much alike in appearances. Ashley is outgoing and gregarious, yet does not like to be kissed or hugged too much (wipes the kisses off as I did oh so many years ago lol) Sophia is shyer, not that she's quiet - she can give as good as she gets when playing. I think her feelings get hurt easier than her twin. Both are so gorgeous....I think as these girls grow John will need a baseball bat to keep the boys away......John and Alisa have done a wonderful job raising these girls..they should be very proud.


Judith HeartSong said...

I am so glad you have a wonderful family around you!

Barb said...

grandchildren? There is nothing like them. I lost count of how many my Johnny and I have ( 32 at last count, including, of course, great grandchildren)>
Taking a minute here, my friend, to thank you for taking time to read "My Johnny." I do cry at times while rewriting it because it is like experiencing it all over again, which is awesome. It's like being in two places at one time. In the first one I'm meeting him for the first time, living out our almost 38 years. And now at this present moment, I am losing my sweetheart a little bit each day. Being helpless, unable to do much for him kills me. I especially miss being affectionate. He tells me if he could just hug me close it would make his day. But his bones are so paper thin. We just do our best, trying to embrace the reality of our trial, while dreading it at the same time. Again, thanks for reading- thanks for prayers too.