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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Something In The Water, Maybe?? Full Moon???

This week has been so totally whacked out, I feel like a ping pong ball bouncing back and forth aimlessly wanting to stop moving.

What has brought me to the verge of total hysteria, mental collapse and brain fog?

Hubby and I were to move into another house using a privately held mortgage agreement. These were people that we trusted, knew for seventeen years. We sat down and worked out what was best for them and safe for needed to be put into writing. Well, greed has a funny way of rearing it's dam ugly head, mostly when you don't expect it.

When the contract was drawn up and presented to us, hardly any of the terms that we are requested were in it. Including heavy repairs that needed to be done and not at our expense. So we lost a house and a friendship. They could of been honest with us from the beginning saying that they wanted to sell "as is", but then again the price would come down which they evidently didn't want either. So that was bummer number one.

I had just gotten back from a wonderful trip to Washington State, seeing my youngest son and my sister and her was great. Two days before I left young Joey got laid I'm worried for him..hope he gets work through the union soon.

Of course, AOL pulling the plug on journals is a heart breaker. Hopefully everyone will follow over here. I am so much of a non geek trying to learn anything new on this computer makes my brain hurt. Lol.

On top of this my Ebay store is so slow a snail moves faster. And Ebay is changing all it's rules, charges etc. Just enough to confuse the heck out of a seller...probably doing it to make us stop complaining about them!

I had so much to catch up on because of the vacation, now it's insane the amount of posting that I have to do on Ebay because of the I am hoping that AOL will follow through and move all our old blogs like they said they would...


I Have Tea said...

Don't know about the water or full moon, but it does seem that everything is all messed up, lately. I'm sorry to hear about the house deal and hope you can resolve the friendship, somewhat. Hope your son's layoff over soon!

Beth said...

Hi Sandi, thanks for joining my blog!

What a shame about your friends and the house. You're right--greed can certainly change things.

I love the eyeball picture!!


Judith HeartSong said...

yes, things are topsy-turvy in my life as well... hang in there my friend.