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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Time Is Winding Down

Well, time is definitely winding down as far as the political race goes. In my mind's view...this race has been never-ending, droning on and on, stopping for little pit-falls with the media wishing for some huge blood letting event of major proportion.

I personally learned some things this past week that shocked the heck out of me. But nary a word was spoken about it - wonder why not? You don't know what I'm talking about do you? Here, let me enlighten you just a bit.

It seems that while dear Sarah has been calling Barack "a friend to terrorists" she also belongs/belonged (not forty(40) years ago either) to a group who was determined to have Alaska succeed from the union. That group has quite a few unsavory characters attached to it, quite ready to burn the American flag. Has she lost her mind completely?

I can remember as a child of the fifties, how much the country wanted Alaska and Hawaii to enter into statehood...heck, I participated in an on stage play enacting bringing the two states in. It was extremely patriotic and uplifting. I actually dressed up as Miss Hawaii complete with real hula skirt and leis...another girl wore an Eskimo outfit.

The child in me is mad. Who is this woman? As Americans we own the entire country, not just the place where you were born...ALL OF IT, FROM SEA TO SHINING SEA! Millions died in the civil war so that our country would not be ripped dare she get involved with such a cause and still think that she could be a Vice President of this country. How unpatriotic is she to be part of an extreme group like that.

How does that compare to having served on a board forty years later with someone who committed a terrible act in their youth, when you were only eight years old? How dare she try to bring Obama down when her own past is so tarnished...There is an old saying about people in glass houses....oh, so true in this case.


Beth said...

Sandi, oh yeah, I've heard about this. But I don't think SHE ever actually belonged to the group--her husband ("First Dude") did. However, as recently as last year, she recorded a video for their convention or meeting or whatever it was.

I agree--considering the trauma our country went through when the South seceded and then the Civil War, the thought of a state wishing to do the same thing is appalling. If you haven't, check into some of the things that the founder of that group said--stuff about "damn the American government," that they have no authority over him, blah blah blah. Disturbing.

Great entry.


Stuart said...

Hm she certainly seems unsavoury, however as someone who wants scottish independence from the uk i can understand the desire for folk to in their own way

Jeannette said...

Heard on the news over here last night that she abused her powers by getting or trying to get her brother in law sacked from his job as a state trooper. I do not like her one bit from what I have seen and read but I can only speak as a Brit.