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Friday, October 17, 2008

Joe The Plumber

Isn't it strange the way the news plays up someones profile - places one under a microscope for "in-depth" scrutiny. Only to find that, uh oh, look his feet are crumbing to dust...must be made of clay!

Betcha by golly (pun intended) poor Joe the Plumber is sorry that he asked anybody anything at this point. Poor guy is probably burying his head hiding under his bed for sanity at this point.

Well, Joe, first off - don't LIE to fake a point, it will always come back and bite you in the ass. I, for one, think you deserve it.

It seems our "every guy" Joe has not paid his taxes, has already voted for the side he wanted (McCain), is certainly not in a position to "buy" his company...far from it. He doesn't even have a normal, everyday Plumbers License...let alone the Master Plumbers License that you need to start a business.

Seems that McCain does not check into any one's background that closely, unless it is Obama Hmm, interesting scenario...

Picture McCain sitting across from Palin at their first meeting.
"Ok, nice to meet you..let's put all the cards on the table first of all, is there anything that could be used to embarrass you in this campaign?

Palin.."Oh my goodness to gravy, it's just sooo nice to meet you, no I think I'm pretty enough to win."

McCain..."yes, you are but that's not what I asked you...but by all means use that ploy when reporters talk to"

Palin..."Well, I might have a few skeletons in my closet, but I don't think anything really bad."

McCain.."Welcome aboard Sarah, but to play it safe we will keep you away from the reporters for a while."

Skip to now....McCain..."Let's get this straight...her 17 year old daughter is prego by a teenage boy, she did get money for the bridge to nowhere,she did try to get her ex BIL fired, she did fire the chief because of it, her own hubby is a member of a group that wants to make Alaska it's
"own" country - separating from the United States. She belongs to a church that is quite hateful with regard to any other religions. They believe they will take over the earth. Where have we heard that before?"

I wonder just how happy McCain is with his choice now?

Oh, and the debate. Only Obama really answered the questions, where was the substance in McCains responses? He only wanted to go back and attack, not go forward and tell us how we are going to resolve the mess we are in right now....

I can only say...please vote...we need a good turn out. I really pray that people will look beyond any racial preducises or cockeyed lies that have been made up....


Jeannette said...

cannot really comment on this one. Have a happy weekend.

I Have Tea said...

You're right on cue with every point, as usual. I love the dialog you created between Palin and McCain.

At first, I wasn't sure who would get my vote, but after the last couple of weeks and a lot of media coverage/sensationalizing, my mind is made up.

marti said...

hey friend!
McCain is an angry man...of course I am not the demographic he is after anyway, I'm too poor too female, too liberal, an educator...hes' not trying to impress me...good thing!

Beth said...

Sandi, hahaha! Too funny.

After hearing a little bit more about our pal Joe, I was thinking the same things. Jeez, McCampaign, learn to vet these people a little better!

Did you also see that the campaign is keeping Palin away from news stories so she won't "get depressed?" LOL

For Pete's sake...ask those people who are struggling to put food on the table and trying to keep a roof over their heads about depression, SARAH. I can hardly stomach it sometimes!


Celeste said...