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Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday, sweet Monday

Good morning world. I am sitting here awaiting the first day of comes very late to those of us that live in warmer climes. I may have to wait another two weeks before I get that sweet, crisp, fresh scent of cold blowing in from the north.

Actually, though, I did cheat a bit...boarded a plane and headed north by northwest, flying high over our great land...viewing our magnificient landscape with heightened awe. Especially flying over the Cascades mountain range and seeing the snow capped mountains somehow made me feel so very insignificant...just the majesty of it all.

Ah...arriving in Portland, Oregon...temperatures were in the low 70's, coming from Tampa and 93 degrees...believe me it felt good.

Oh, I could be a snowbird so easily. Of course, I'd have to get rid of hubby, he can't abide cold weather any more. In fact, when the temps here go below 65 degrees he starts moaning over wanting to move further south for more heat. Hells bells not me! I just want to turn off the air conditioners, throw open the doors and windows - to know the feeling of breathing fresh air without the noise background.

I'm still planning on visiting New York for Christmas, maybe I'll get lucky and this time there will be snow. I want to throw a snow ball, build a snowman with the grandbabies...and if it snowed high enough, throw myself down and make snow angels in the At my size and weight that would be quite a picture. I can see it now...Grandma Sandi falls and she CAN'T get up!! They'll leave me there for spring

Now I have to see if I can add any pictures to this blog...bear with me while I experiment...


Jeannette said...

I prefer the colder weather also. I love the sun but when it gets very hot I just cannot bear it. Do not even like the heating on. I got a lovely image of you in the snow making an angel lol

Dawn said...

Enjoy your visit with your baby, and I do hope that we have snow in this Ny/NJ area at Christmas! That is my FAVORITE!!! :-)

be well...

Beth said...

Sandi, we'll be happy to ship you some of our snow this winter! By the time February rolls around, I'm sick of winter and ready for spring!


Judith HeartSong said...

Oh Oregon.... I have never been. My maternal grandmother lived up there for a while many years ago. I really want to see Seattle and Vancouver and those areas one day:):)

I sure don't miss the heat in Florida... we are starting to wear jackets here in the burbs of DC and today it will be about 60 degrees. I love it!

Have a wonderful day my friend.

marti said...

sounds like a wonderful time!

lindasworld said...

Linda thinks you should get hubby a nice quilted goose down jacket from Eddie Bauer and move him to the northwest...LOL! I have flown over the Cascades and they are beautiful. Also, I see Mt Rainier sitting proudly to the east of me, almost on a daily basis. Sometimes the clouds cover it but I know it's still over there. Linda back home in Washington state