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Wednesday, October 8, 2008 went better than expected

Well, I am quite relieved - it was relatively easy to transfer my three journals over here. So AOL did keep its word and for that I am grateful and a nice big thank to Blogger too for being so accepting of us "throw-a-ways".

I have three is called" Life Is Full Of Surprises", which I will leave as a repository for my old thoughts, stories and friends. Just didn't want to lose the stories nor the comments of people dear to me.

One is called "Poetic Journey Of The Soul" can guess that it's all about Poetry...I love writing it, some people have said they enjoyed reading it...I consider it therapy.

The last is my absolute favorite." I Just Had To Laugh" tells the stories of my younger days of being a newly wed in Tokyo Japan...I am fashioning it into a book of sorts in another venue. It was fun to write and I have to finish that story too.

The last journal is the one you are new home on Blogger deserved it's very own title...and there you have it.


I Have Tea said...

it was relatively painless, wasn't it? what a relief!

Beth said...

Glad to hear it went well for you. I was able to transfer ours, as well!